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Friday, 20-Jul-2007 05:06
Nature Day
Harng and Ann. Taken at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and MacRitchie Reservoir. We decided to go visit the nature one fine day and we actually lost our way in there. Spent nearly 4 hours in the middle of the forest without food, surviving only on water and walked an estimated of 15km in total as we got lost due to the closure of a trail. What's worse, I had diarrhea but I still went on for the trip so as to not let my friends down as we were kinda excited for this trip. I was contemplating to stop and poo in the jungle but my friends assured me we'll find our way out soon. So I hanged on for another 1 and a half hour. Haha! We started our journey at Bukit Timah and walked along the trail towards MacRitchie where the HSBC Treetop Bridge was located. The weather was good when we arrived here in the morning at about 9 but it started pouring heavily when we reached the treetop bridge. We were drenched!!!

How many monkeys are there in this pic? We were greeted by the sight of monkeys roaming around the area. It was quite a rare sight because there are so many of them. I wonder if they jump into any of the residence there.

A couple.

A family.

Harng hates durian. At this spot, there are many durians found on the ground. But there aren't any on the trees. Weird.

A muddy path. This is only the beginning of the journey at MacRitchie.

We passed by this old hut many times when we lost our way. I was very curious what's in it. It looks like a toilet to me. Even if it is a toilet, I'll never throw my bowels there.

Serenity of the forest in the morning.

It started to rain as we finally reached the treetop bridge. It was a really long hike. We had to climbed hundred of flight of stairs just to reach this thing here. But it's all worth the pain!

This was taken by Ann from her camera. The view of MacRitchie Reservoir from the bridge. You can even see Senoko at the background!

DRENCHED! Our make-up has been washed away! Harng took this. Last picture from the treetop. It will be my first and last time being up there!

Ann and Harng is feeling the wind in hair! We were at the back of the lorry. We were so tired that we hitched a ride from any passing vehicles to bring us out to the main road.

Upon reaching the main road, we hailed a cab and went to the Thomson Road Prata House for a feast!!! (and to let loose!) We were FREAKING exhausted!

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